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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is Ultraseal?

Ultraseal is a special blend of more than two dozen chemicals in a viscous liquid state. It coats and clings to the inner walls of the tyre and wheel. Ultraseal is water soluble. It leaves no residue when rinsed out of a tyre or washed off any surface with water. It does not adhere like glue. Also, Ultraseal is non-flammable, non-volatile, and not a hydrocarbon. And MSDS sheet is available upon request.

Q. How does Ultraseal work?

By coating the entire inner surface of the tyre and wheel, Ultraseal conditions the casing, seals leaks, and protects against most blowouts and air loss from punctures. The first time the vehicle is driven for 6km or more, Ultraseal disperses throughout the entire air cavity. Normal flexing of the tyre and centrifugal forces enable Ultraseal to seal the tyre so the correct air pressure will be maintained.

Q. How much do I need?

From as little as 300ml per tyre for highway vehicles to many liters for the largest truck or off-road construction tyres.

Q. How long will it last?

For the legal tread life of the tyre. Ultraseal does not cease to function or break down over time.

Q. Will Ultraseal freeze or evaporate during extreme weather?

No. Ultraseal’s ethylene glycol base (similar to anti-freeze) protects against heat and cold from -40° to over 300° Fahrenheit.

Q. Does Ultraseal collect at the bottom of the tyres or ball up?


Q. How big a puncture can it repair?

Up to 6mm in diameter and 12mm from the XHD Grade

Q. Will Ultraseal hide or mask a large or dangerous puncture?

No. In fact, Ultraseal’s formulation purposely releases air from unsafe punctures or weakened tyre casings at a controlled rate.

Q. After a puncture is sealed by Ultraseal, does the tyre still have to be patched?


Q. Is an Ultraseal repair as good as a patch or plug? Is it permanent?

It really is better than a patch or plug. Ultraseal seals the puncture from the inside out permanently.

Q. Will Ultraseal corrode steel belts, wheels or cause rust?


Q. Is it compatible with all tyre compounds?


Q. Will Ultraseal cause problems with wheel balancing?


Q. Can a tyre containing Ultraseal be repaired or treaded?


Q. Does Ultraseal work in tube-type tyres?